Key Cutting Services


Ever had one of those days when you lost the one and only key you had to unlock your car, or your house? The most advisable thing to do when getting a key for your car, your house or anything that has a lock is to get a spare key and luckily for you we offer  key cutting services to alleviate stress of having only one set of keys.

Key cutting services cape town

We cut a big selection of keys for any type of applications such as:

  • Car keys
  • House keys
  • Gate keys
  • Padlock Keys and more….

We guarantee that the keys that are cut are extremely accurate and is no short of precise as precision is what we are known for. If we do not have the key that you are looking for then we can order it for you and have it in our premises within a few days depending on the type of key that you are searching for.

The machines that we used are well maintained and are well calibrated so that your keys are cut to perfection and will fit flush to the lock it was made for. Just come through to our premises and we will help you out with a well cut key at the best price.

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