Number Plates & Signs


We have the pleasure of offering the service to create number plates and signs for the time that you have purchased a new car or lost the current licence plate on your car that you had. We will have it printed out and covered for you in a matter of minutes and it is designed to comply with traffic regulations. We also do personalized license plates for the vehicle enthusiast in mind.

number plates cape town

We also print signs for businesses that need more exposure and need to increase their clientele and profits. Making signs for your business will benefit it greatly as more people will be able to see it as they drive past and will increase the chances of doing business with them at the end of the day. We do different types of signs from a choice of different printing materials that do not fade for the ultimate durability and strength.

We print and charge according to size and specifications. Give us a call if you require more info regarding these services and one of our consultants will assist you with all the requirements needed and provide you with the pricing structure with regards to making number plates and signs.

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