Transponder keys cut and vehicle coding


Transponder keys are different compared to your normal everyday keys as they are more advanced and were made to be used for cars which are made with extra security in mind and as a result, would be a more complex process in duplicating and making spares just in case yours get lost.


We are glad to say that we offer the service of cutting and duplicating transponder keys in the best possible and most accurate method possible. With the high quality equipment that we use in store, precision is what we are all about when it comes to cutting keys to fit precisely into the recipient lock and our decoding equipment means that we are able to get the vehicle coding and transponder keys prepared and done within a shorter amount of time for your convenience.

Our turnaround time with cutting transponder keys highly depends on what vehicle the keys are required for as each vehicle has a different ECU and security system and as a result will take slightly longer to make the duplicate key compatible with the vehicle’s security system.

Just give us a call if you require more information and we will provide you will all the information that you need along with a price structure for our service.


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